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Jual TRi PLC (Trilogi)
Trilogi TRi-T22Hnpn PDF Print E-mail

Kondisi Barang: Baru (New) , Power Supply 12-24VDC. TRi-T22Hnpn

Main Features

  • 22 I/Os with LED indicators
    - 12 inputs (12 to 24VDC interface)
    - 10 outputs (12 to 24VDC, 1.0A current per output)
  • Programmable in pure Ladder Logic software with SIMULATOR - WinTRiLOGI
    - Creates ladder program using meaningful names
    - Uses simulator to fully test programs on the PC screen before downloading
    - On-line monitoring of all I/O logic states on ladder diagram or on full screen
  • Networkable by RS485 (two-wire) bus - Built-in RS485 adapter. Each controller can assume an 8-bit ID. A host computer or an M-series PLC can access any H-series PLC linked to it by just two wires!
  • EEPROM program storage (400 steps, 40 years)
  • Detachable screw terminal blocks
  • Ultra compact - 10cm x 8.8cm x 2.0cm




Trilogi TRi-T100MD1616+ PDF Print E-mail

Kondisi Barang: Baru (New) , Power Supply 12-24VDC. TRi-T100MD1616+

  • 5 Analog I/O
    -  4 x AI - 10 bit 0-1V x2 and 0-5V x2
    -  1 x AO - 8 bits (0-20mA)

  • 16 Digital Outputs
    -  1A @24VDC each.
    -  include PWM and stepper motor
       controller outputs

  • 16 Digital Inputs (24V NPN)
    - include special inputs such as
      interrupts, high speed encoder, etc.

  • Expandable to 96 In, 96 out using EXP4040 and EXP1616R.

  • Dimension: .5.4"(L)x 4.5"(W) x 0.8"(H)